Unfathoming the epitome of Grace

The wondering truth about grace and humility is that grace will always be a mystery that will linger on my soul forever. A mystery that I fathom with speculation as to how one being can be loved so unconditionally regardless of their flaws.  To be loved, embraced and made whole in a love that not only plays the joyful sounds of an instrument, but also mends the broken strings of the damaged. I love everything about the word grace. Grace comes from the latin word of “gratia” which also in the Bible is seen as God’s  favour. Meaning God has favoured you and will extend his love, compassion, forgiveness and kindness towards us as sinners. For example, you steal a car and the person you stole it from forgives you and let’s you off the hook when you should have been arrested and sentenced for a fine. This is the true epitome of Grace, which is God’s love.

Being a Christian, I believe I have come across grace more times than I could remember my numerous cell phone numbers (Trust me, I went through aloot). Every time I have experienced grace, the only way I could describe it is like you’re floating. Floating in a smoke full of clouds that take you to another place of serenity and peace. Grace has been a healing tool for my anxieties through daily obstacles and adversities. Like all of us, our struggles can sometimes get the better of us end eventually sometimes can push us to the edge. Through grace I have found healing and strength to continue through everyday and that is knowing that I am a person full of continuous wrongs that can cause pain and hurt unintentionally towards others, can take what I have for granted when someone else is suffering yet have someone who loves me without fault. Someone that continues to carry my burdens, heal my pain, love my flaws and accepts every bit of who I am, even when I am still on the chase.

It is one of the most beautiful concepts I have ever come across and have learned from to not only accept grace but to also give it to others. There is a positive implication of giving especially grace to those we think that don’t deserve it because in the end, we are receiving grace when we don’t deserve.

Therefore I believe that without this grace, God’s grace, I could not discover and grow into the person I am revolving to be. Trying to fathom the concept of grace is something that will only increase your anxieties rather than just floating with the love and compassion it gives. If you don’t know how to open your heart to grace, don’t worry, it’s already there.

The Chase.


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