Glass – Half Empty or Half Full?

So today in church we had a guest minister come in and speak to us today. It was refreshing and quite frankly just what we needed to hear today. So today’s message was about being careful about the words we say and how it might affect those around us. When we are hot tempered and blurt out an occasional “I hate you” or saying something we might regret. So the minister told two stories today (some you might have heard before). The first one goes like this… Continue reading “Glass – Half Empty or Half Full?”



“Back when we were kids
Swore we would never die
You and me were kids
Swear that we’ll never die
I refuse to look back thinking days were better
Just because they’re younger days
I don’t know what’s ’round the corner
Way I feel right now I swear we’ll never change”.

There’s always something about Ryan Tedder’s voice that I will always be amused by. If it’s not his voice, and the sound of the beat then it is the words and the meanings of his songs written by him and his band.

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Running the Chase

If you were to ask me to write my thoughts on paper and share them months ago, I probably would say it was a joke. The biggest joke to be honest. There’s something about sharing your thoughts and ideas that has always made me feel weak and open to the fact that you can give someone that sort of information and they could have the power to destroy you or nurture you. However, this is not the purpose of this! I started this journey as it has been something I had been wanting to do for so long for I had been someone with so many thoughts and I just needed to get them out. If  at anyway and stage I could relate to someone else out there who may be going through the same then this would only be the beginning of answers I may be searching for. Continue reading “Running the Chase”

Unfathoming the epitome of Grace

The wondering truth about grace and humility is that grace will always be a mystery that will linger on my soul forever. A mystery that I fathom with speculation as to how one being can be loved so unconditionally regardless of their flaws.  To be loved, embraced and made whole in a love that not only plays the joyful sounds of an instrument, but also mends the broken strings of the damaged. I love everything about the word grace. Grace comes from the latin word of “gratia” which also in the Bible is seen as God’s  favour. Meaning God has favoured you and will extend his love, compassion, forgiveness and kindness towards us as sinners. For example, you steal a car and the person you stole it from forgives you and let’s you off the hook when you should have been arrested and sentenced for a fine. This is the true epitome of Grace, which is God’s love. Continue reading “Unfathoming the epitome of Grace”