“Back when we were kids
Swore we would never die
You and me were kids
Swear that we’ll never die
I refuse to look back thinking days were better
Just because they’re younger days
I don’t know what’s ’round the corner
Way I feel right now I swear we’ll never change”.

There’s always something about Ryan Tedder’s voice that I will always be amused by. If it’s not his voice, and the sound of the beat then it is the words and the meanings of his songs written by him and his band.

Ever since this song came out a few weeks ago (we’re a bit slow here in NZ), there’s something about this song that just “gets me”. The instant feeling you get from the sound produced so efficiently with so much time and effort that takes you to another place…A place for me that seemed a bit brighter and lighter. It may be the buildup in the song’s sound that resonates the feeling of exhilaration but more so the feeling of the chase, my chase. The sound of letting go of what’s in the past and moving forward not knowing what’s around the corner. (Be strong and take heart). 

I listened to a video about the meaning of this song by some random and he pretty much summed this song up as a song about transitioning from the stage of “kids”/young adults and moving onto the big world. I couldn’t think of a better timing than now for this song to have come out because it resonates so much to the journey that I am on right now, on my chase.  Although very scared and lost about where I am going, I am optimistic and open as to where I am headed for the future. I may have been beaten down a lot further than I was prepared for but regardless of my situation, I know that there is still a corner to turn to and who knows what might come next.

For me, music is such an important part of the soul. It becomes a form of expression when you don’t know how to get across how you feel or it can instantly be a reminder of a time or moment you were in the past or it can connect you with so many people going through the same stuff as you. I love that in this song although it talks about this transition into adulthood, there is still the sound of joy that you feel when you were a little kid.

Growing up, I was pretty much robbed of a childhood and for me to begin to understand what it feels like to be a kid through music etc. is like learning how to read and write for the very first time. Like beginning to experience the feeling of freedom to seek and explore what I like and don’t like as well as learning to let loose and have fun!  I love that music can do that, how it can make you feel a different million things and can take you to a place that your heart resonates with.

My best friend and I are complete opposites when it comes to music.  But I love how you can connect with music, seeing and hearing someone else’s soul through music let alone your own soul when you don’t have the words to say and explain how you feel. There’s so much diversity within music and there would be literally any sound, any phrase or beat that anyone of us could relate to.

For me, I am so grateful for all these outlets and all these tools that are beneficial for soul searching. Don’t think I could write without listening to the sound of my own soul let alone listening and hearing others’ through music.

The Chase.

Kids – One Republic



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